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For your health

COME the revolutionary system to effectively strengthen the pelvic floor muscles in a natural, simple and discreet way.

Fit after giving birth

Well-known problems can often arise after giving birth due to weak pelvic musculature: involuntary urine leakage, sexual problems, decrease of the pelvic organs and bad posture.

Fit rather than having a belly

The pelvic musculature doesn’t just constitute the end of abdominal area down there, it is also directly linked to the diaphragm, the stabilizing abdominal and spinal muscles and the thighs.

Fit against incontinence

With increasing age, the musculature of the pelvic floor becomes stretched and weakened. This has a direct effect on the closure of the urethra, which is embedded in this musculature.

Fit for orgasm

With sexual arousal, the vagina increases significantly inside. The pleasure-giving areas, the G-spot and the lower parts of the clitoris are only insufficiently stimulated by insufficient contact with the penis. The woman should strengthen the pelvic floor muscle so that the muscles enclose the penis like a cuff. Training with COME improves vaginal awareness. This increases the likelihood of reaching an orgasm.